About Us

Our Program

Accelerated Schools is an independent, co-educational day school for students in middle school and high school. Our positive atmosphere guides students that have not thrived in a traditional school setting to achieve social and academic skills. Our comprehensive learning environment supports the success of students with learning differences such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, OCD, depression, anxiety as well as gifted and talented students who need to be challenged.

Services Offered

  • Individualized Curriculum
  • Executive Functioning Skills Development
  • Positive Behavior Intervention Supports
  • Social Skill Development
  • Social Coaching
  • Self-Discipline Strategies
  • Relationship Mentoring
  • Character Development
  • College Advisement
  • Career Exploration
  • School-issued laptop

Our Goal

Accelerated Schools exists to provide a unique, alternative, and rigorous approach to learning. Our goal is to produce highly skilled students that have a positive attitude toward themselves. We strive to give each student the tools to improve their overall academic skills, help them to have greater self-esteem, and be goal-oriented. We encourage and prepare them to be college-bound and have the confidence to move to the next level.

Mission Statement

An individualized learning sanctuary: We nurture students to be confident, contributing people with a positive relationship with the community.

Accelerated Schools’ Core Values:

  • Catching kids doing the right thing is paramount.
  • In a safe and secure environment, every student will have an Individualized Success Plan.
  • Honesty and integrity guide our decisions. We will have High morals, principles, and values. All people will be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Cooperative efforts (students, teachers, staff, parents, and guardians) will be used in saving students’ academic lives.
  • Accelerated Schools will manifest a private school identity where teamwork is the norm.
  • All students will progress at their own pace from where they are to where their highest potential lies.

Our Vision

We have created a student-centered learning environment led by teachers who are adaptable lifelong learners since 1974. We understand that all students have a set of necessary skills to learn for their future, as well as unique needs and goals to accomplish. We tailor our program to each student in order to address both sides of this educational paradigm. With an average class size of nine students, each student is enrolled with an individualized success plan based on their needs, interests, and remaining graduation requirements. Our students receive no failing grades; if students are below grade level in any given subject, the teacher emphasizes the curriculum in that skill until they meet the mastery requirements for that subject. At Accelerated Schools, we offer high school and middle school classes with open enrollment; any student may begin classes any day, year-round. If you find that your child has been unsuccessful in the current school, we are able to help.