Gardening Adventure

After about two months of working outside with our crew, we have some small successes. The joy of gardening is a reward in and of itself. Seeing the first leaves showing up is the pleasure, of course, but are waiting for the marigolds to bloom as a symbol of all good things in life. Rabbits have eaten them a bit, hopefully, it will not kill them, making our love, joy, and beauty thrive in the long run. Jewel mix (nasturtium) is soon to be decorating our building outside or inside. Radishes are getting close to harvesting time. Lettuce is growing slowly but surely. Peas are looking great, they are growing back after the spring session of planting, growing and being harvested. Over the warm season, we have done a lot of weeding and watering that is why the garden looks the way it does at this point.

Soon we are going to plant the bulbs in the flower bed south of the mansion, the new soil is already in place. The rose bushes are trimmed, and chrysanthemums are repotted. According to the winter garden guide, we could still plant garlic, spinach, cilantro, and perennial herbs. Indoor planting is also a challenge we are thinking of these days: growing lemons and avocados sounds really exciting!



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Accelerated Schools’

Student Work Spotlight


Audrey Cvietusa’s paraphrase of

The Author to Her Book by Anne Bradstreet



This book to which I’ve written, pure and true.

Has been stolen by my friends who knew

That within those golden pages, context worthy of the public eye and money came to pay their dues,

They ripped it from the printing press, an action, I believe,

Was not a very smart one, not even in the least

But as dumb as it was, it took a huge toll on me

All my hard work that I’d given was no match for the

very book that was mine.

With no one to help me and when all seemed dreary

I just gave up and said with worry,

¨Oh what shall I do now that my career is through? ¨

¨Is there hope for what I’ve got? Or is there nothing left to do? ¨

I was at this point that I knew that there wasn’t any hope for me,

So, what was the point in writing again if a writer cannot be a she

So, I decided to just go home, for it was all that I could do for now. But because my father just doesn’t like me and my mother’s extremely poor, as soon as I came in, they threw me out the front door.


Student pieces pictured on the right from top to bottom were created by the following artists: Ronan Hanna, Dennis Harrington, and Saige Waal







Students pictured working above from left to right are Jude Gasser, John Luke Cossaboom, and Salah Abukar